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For over 60 years, Plymouth Carpet Service has been providing high quality, comprehensive carpet and upholstery cleaning services for homes and businesses in the greater Novi area. Family owned and operated since 1956, Plymouth Carpet Service has become a household name by delivering quality, affordable service and going above and beyond our customers' expectations.

Whether you need a routine cleaning for your home carpet or require carpet and upholstery cleaning for an entire office building, Plymouth Carpet Service has the state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience necessary to handle any size job. With our dependable 24/7 emergency service, you can rest easy knowing you can count on us to get the job done.

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Novi MI - Upholstery Cleaning - Plymouth Carpet Service - toobig2The Rotovac® 360i Restoration & Cleaning System

Our Rotovac® Restoration Cleaning Method cleans your carpet from all directions with 1500 mechanized cleaning passes per minute. With our patented Rotovac® process your carpets will look, feel and stay cleaner longer.

  • Cleans from all directions with hundreds of cleaning passes.
  • High torque motors do not get tired so the quality is consistent throughout the entire job.
  • Restores matted traffic areas and removes tough stains and shadowing the manual wand leaves behind.

Novi's Most Trusted Choice for Home Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Novi MI - Upholstery Cleaning - Plymouth Carpet Service - about

The majority of people only notice the state of their carpet and upholstery when they become noticeably stained, sometimes beyond repair. Instead of replacing your carpet and upholstery once they have reached this state, you have a much better option. With our patented rotary jet extractor, you can depend on Plymouth Carpet Service to restore your carpet and upholstery to look like brand new!

For complete restoration or routine maintenance, let us demonstrate the amazing results of our revolutionary system.Our talented technicians have the knowledge, skill and expertise needed to deep-clean different types of upholstery and carpet so you can enjoy a safe, healthy environment. We guarantee that your carpets, when cleaned with the Rotovac®, will be cleaner than any other carpet cleaning method!

  • Get a deeper, more effective cleaning with professional grade equipment
  • Remove odors, bacteria, and allergens from carpet and upholstery
  • Improve air quality and prolong lifespan of carpet and furniture
  • Get access to 24/7 service for emergencies
  • Avoid mold and mildew and prevent common health problems
  • Protect carpet and furniture from future stains
  • Prevent damage from improper cleaning methods
  • Prolong the lifespan of your upholstery and carpet

Full-Service Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for Retail, Office, and Commercial Spaces

Office Carpet Cleaning

Plymouth Carpet Service offers commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, maintenance programs, and more to keep your business looking at its best as well as providing a safe, healthy environment for your staff and customers. By providing high quality, cost-effective service for over 60 years, we've built a reputation as Novi's most reliable, thorough, and efficient commercial cleaners.

Whether it's a whole convention center or a small business reception -- or just your favorite office chair, our professional team is available for any need 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We provide evening hours to fit your schedule and quick, same-day service for sudden emergencies.

Our comprehensive cleaning services offer the following benefits for your business:

  • More effective, long-lasting clean
  • Save time and money
  • Make a good impression
  • Eliminate odors
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Experience a healthier workplace
  • Improve your air quality
  • Reduce your downtime

When you choose Plymouth Carpet Service to clean your business, you can rest assured knowing that we utilize only the safest, most efficient cleaning methods that prolong the lifespan of your furniture, upholstery, and carpeting. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers, and our commitment to you is to provide the exceptional service you expect for all your cleaning needs.

Contact us any time – we’re available 24/7 to give your home or business the deep down clean it needs!